I am writing to express my unwavering support for Mike Nugent for Missoula Mayor. A lifelong Missoulian, Mike has proven time and time again that he is willing to roll up his sleeves and work hard for his beloved hometown, whether that’s volunteering for United Way, helping coach a youth sports team, or serving on the Missoula City Council.

I first met a very young Mike back in 1989, when Mike’s dad Jim coached my fourth-grade softball team and Mike’s older sister and I became fast friends. Mike has certainly come a long way since his boyhood days in Missoula, but there’s one thing that’s remained the same: Mike’s love and devotion to Missoula.

In Mike’s professional life, including as a Missoula City Councilor, Mike has consistently showcased an innate ability to bring people together, foster collaboration, and address the needs and concerns of the community by developing real world solutions. Mike is a consensus builder, plain and simple. Such qualities are crucial in a mayor, as they enable effective governance and the ability to make decisions that benefit all residents of Missoula.

Recognizing that, it’s no wonder that Mike enjoys the most local support of any candidate in Missoula’s mayoral race. His hard work, integrity, commitment to inclusivity and positive change, and total dedication to public service, are unmatched.

But politics can be a dirty game. Mike is the unfortunate victim of a campaign of disinformation regarding the hefty $125,000 contribution from the National Association of Realtors to a political action committee called Missoula Mayor.

The PAC was set up without Mike’s knowledge, yet his opponents have been highly critical of him regarding the donation and some have even pulled their endorsements for his campaign. I think that’s incredibly unfair and even petty, especially considering Mike is a highly qualified candidate for office who has a proven record of leadership that Missoulians can trust.

Missoula needs Mike for Mayor. He’s ready to focus on real people and real issues, helping to guide the Garden City into a vibrant future.

Krystal Steinmetz



Mike Nugent


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