I'm proud to be endorsed by Missoulians and our friends from inside and outside of the political world. To lead a city like Missoula, I believe in building a collation of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to hear all the voices in our city. 

Join us #endorsingmike 

Dan Kemmis - Former Mayor of Missoula

Wilmot Collins - Mayor of Helena

Annelise Hedahl - Former City Council Member

Danny Tenenbaum - Former State Legislator 

Cynthia Wolken - Former State Senator and City Council Member

Janet Stevens Donahue - Former City of Missoula CAO, County Commissioner, and Justice of the Peace

Tyler Gernant - Missoula County Cleark and Treasurer 

Caitlin Copple - Former City Council Member

Stacy Rye - Former County Commissioner and Missoula City Council Member

Adam Hertz - Former State Legislator and Missoula City Council Member

Katie Carlson - Community Advocate, Business Owner

Nate McConnell - Former State Legislator 

Molly Blakely - Missoula Educational Leader

I am endorsing Mike Nugent for Mayor of the City of Missoula and I invite you to join me! 






Will you sign?