As a former city councilwoman and state senator, I know a few things about how the city of Missoula works and its relationship to the state Legislature. I proudly support Mike Nugent for mayor because he understands that while you can advocate for change in Helena, you still have to deliver real results for Missoula. Mike knows that the cost of a home is more directly related to local policies and factors than any state policy. He’s seen the housing sector from every angle and knows that our housing crisis requires a multitude of common sense solutions that are mostly implemented locally. He’s committed to lowering property taxes not just by advocating at the Legislature but also by implementing actual changes to our budgeting on a local level. Mike has led a business of nearly 300 folks, he co-owned a restaurant that has been a thriving staple of Missoula, has a master's in public administration, served on the Missoula Housing Authority, was the president of the United Way, and serves on the YMCA board. He leads by listening and values transparency, accountability, and compassion. He's devoted his life to public service in Missoula. I hope you’ll join me in casting your vote for Mike Nugent for mayor.

Cynthia L. Wolken,


Mike Nugent


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