I'm writing this letter in support of Mike Nugent for mayor. I was born and raised in Missoula and have known Mike and his family since he was six years old. I have first-hand knowledge of Mike’s background and ethics. Mike’s close family bond, strong moral foundation, and love for the Missoula community is apparent in everything he does.

As a former Missoula County Public Schools Trustee and a public employee for the past 37 years, I know the importance of being involved in education and community issues, as does Mike. He volunteers with numerous non-profit organizations, participates in his children’s activities, is part-owner of a private business and is a public servant. He has more experience than any other candidate for Mayor. Mike knows how complicated the issues are and has clear ideas and solutions for the future of our city. Mike is willing to listen to both sides when discussing the important concerns of his constituents. He is intelligent, thoughtful, considerate and has always been his own person. Mike works hard in everything he does and cares about the future of all Missoulians. I hope you will join me in voting for Mike.

Lori Lundberg,




Mike Nugent


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