Like a lot of Missoulians I love this city, and I worry that if we don’t act quickly and decisively it will become unattainable for working families to live here. If that happens it will fundamentally change the place we call home. That’s why I’m supporting Mike Nugent to be our next mayor. I respect the current mayor, but he is simply in the wrong role. We need a leader that has ties across the whole community. Mike is the only candidate with experience in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. He has far and away more support than any of his opponents. He has been serving this community on nonprofit boards and commissions well before he was elected to City Council. Mike is focused on helping working families. Unions built Montana, and their members work behind the scenes to keep it running. For far too long organized labor has been taken for granted. Mike comes from a union family steeped in public service. His mom was a public school teacher, and his grandparents served in the state legislature and the Constitutional Convention. Mike knows where he comes from, Missoula knows him, and that’s why he’s got my vote!

Denver Henderson, Missoula

Mike Nugent


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