I was very happy to read Mike Nugent’s ideas to address urban camping and asking for more transparency from the City. I particularly liked the option that is modeled after Austin, Texas, that is a long-term transitional community with tiny houses/shelters, assigned campsites and RV spaces.

I have been in communication with the City regarding the 30 plus RVs parked along streets off of Expressway. This is a growing concern as piles of garbage accumulate in an area with a school, hotels and businesses. We don’t feel comfortable using the walking paths anymore. It has to get very expensive to have staff removing trash and items constantly.

Having a community site for RVs to park would help eliminate this issue. At least if it was an option then the city could enforce Ordinance 10.22.190 “no person shall occupy a recreational vehicle parked on a public street, road, alley, boulevard, or median in the city”.

I very much appreciate the dedication and efforts to work together in a compassionate way to help those unhoused but also listen to the concerns of constituents who desire a safe and clean environment.

Denise Zimmer,


Mike Nugent


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