It was very sad to see Dan Kemmis remove his support of Mike Nugent based on something entirely out of Mike’s control. How unbelievable that one would think backing out of a commitment to the best candidate for Missoula would have an impact on any national organization. It’s almost like saying “Do you know who I am? I’m important enough that by not supporting Mike Nugent, you will now stop spending money on any candidate nation-wide." There is such a thing as making a statement, of course. But, what if the Realtor Association decided to put up billboards for all of the mayoral candidates? Hmmmm. Guess we shouldn’t vote for any of them. I don’t support what the National Realtors Association did at all and I don’t support the local realtors association going after national PAC money for a race like this. But, blame the associations, not Mike Nugent. In my book, he’s the best candidate for Missoula.

Janet Stevens Donahue,

Former City Chief Administrative Officer, Missoula County Commissioner and Justice of the Peace

Mike Nugent


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