Clearly, Missoulians want a mayor that is well qualified to move Missoula into the future. Many people, including two past mayors, have indicated that Mike Nugent is the most qualified candidate for this job. His contributions to our city, both in and out of government, have been exemplary. The mayors pulled their support of Mike after the National Association of Realtors super-PAC donated $120,000 to a local committee that supports Mike. Previously such support could not be done in Montana following the passage of the Corrupt Practices Act. Recently, however, the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court negated that act and allowed for unlimited amounts of money from donors and corporations to contribute to local PACs. Mike has been against this and had nothing to do with the contribution. Unfortunately, he is hamstrung in this situation as candidates cannot communicate or collaborate with PACs. This is a rather bizarre situation as Mike is the most qualified candidate but is receiving negative reactions for something he has no control over. The two past mayors stated that this contribution may compromise Mike. That belief indicates that they do not know Mike nor his integrity as a community leader.

Jim Wahlberg,


Mike Nugent


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