Equality for All

Every person has the right to be true to themselves and live a life free of discrimination, hate, and systemic barriers. I believe we must push back against cruelty and legislation designed to protect discriminatory practices. I am proud that Missoula is the leader in our state when it comes to non-discrimination policies and feel bold action to protect people's rights is always welcomed. Live and let live.

In short, I support the mission of the Human Rights Campaign and the Equality Act as well as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and all efforts to address racism and discrimination. 

Conversations around equality in our community need to recognize that we all likely have started at different places and are shaped by different experiences. However, at our core, we need to approach our policies and decision making recognizing the importance of assuring every individual has an equal opportunity for the work they do and the goals they set.  We also need to educate ourselves and potentially reexamine our judgments to be certain we are not applying preconceived notions to people or ideas that have nothing to do with them and everything to do with us. 

Unfortunately, Montana has seen an uptick in attempts to undo some of our local progress at the state level, and even legislation that essentially allows people to discriminate against specifics groups. We must stand up with our friends and family to be allies to those who need it and always support each individual's right to be themselves without fear of repercussion. 

I will continue to support Missoula's efforts to be a leader for equality in Montana.

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