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Amber Sherrill, City Council Ward 4

Bryan von Lossberg, Council President Ward 1

Gwen Jones, Council Vice-President Ward 3

Tyler Gernant, Missoula County Clerk and Recorder

Katie Carlson, Local Business Leader

Caitlin Copple, Former City Council Member Ward 4

Senator Ellie Boldman, SD 45

Representative Mark Thane, HD 99

Jon Wikins, Former City Council Member Ward 4

Annelise Hedahl, Local Business Leader and Former City Council Member Ward 5

Theresa Cox, Local Non-Profit Leader

Randy Cox, Missoula Area Attorney

Jim Bachand and Robert Hamilton, Involved Missoulians

Jess Coulter, Resident, Ward 4

Christy Murray, Resident, Ward 4

Neil Murray, Resident, Ward 4

Kelly Driscoll, Missoula Area Attorney

Pat Kujawa, Resident, Ward 4


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Sewa Truk Wing Box Surabaya
Naomi Gerheim
Julie Sirrs
Lucy A Beighle
Kathryn Strauss
Daniel Carlino
Gerhardt Soeffker
Brinton Wahlberg
Mark Thane
loren pinski

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